The moody sad-girl music we’ve waited for from Lorde is finally here with “Stoned at the Nail Salon” — a heartsick ballad about the fleeting memories of self-identity, love, and adolescence as one grows into adulthood… fuck.

For those who didn’t like “Solar Power” because it was ‘too happy,’ this one’s for you:

Ella O’Connor returns with the second single to her upcoming third studio album, Solar Power, and holy shit, has she delivered the heavy material…

In an era of pop music where artists take inspiration and creative liberties from Lorde’s earlier, moody discography: Pure Heroine and Melodrama — she changed things up and got happy on them.

“Solar Power” cover art

“Solar Power” is the lead single and title track off of Lorde’s third upcoming record under the same name.

As a long-time Lorde ‘stan’ since her breakout EP, The Love Club, her debut album, Pure Heroine, — and of course, “Royals” and later “Team” — reached the mainstream in late summer 2013, I was in eager anticipation of this new Lorde era. …

Nolan Montcalm

Artist from Minneapolis, under-grad student in New York City.

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